About The Artist - Kara Lacey

When I was young my Grandma influenced and encouraged my passion for creativity. Being an amazingly talented painter and artist she understood the drive that led me to disassemble toys, figure out how they worked, and then transform them into a new toys over and over again.  That quest to creatively express myself and my imagination continues to drive my art work today.


While my corporate career and freelance web business paid the bills, they did not fulfill my life-long artistic desires.  In 2011 I decided to attend Burning Man for the first time.  Unable to find fun, sexy and sophisticated attire that matched my style and my budget, I started my journey designing and creating my own Burning Man attire.  I was thrilled and delighted with the immediate encouragement, interest and now continuous patronage the international general public has in my wearable art.  

Today I try to create bold, vivid creations that capture and enlighten the spirit and the soul for not only the person wearing them, but for all who see them!  My leather and feather hats and headdresses are frequently commissioned for numerous occasions: weddings, festivals, photo shoots, themed celebrations, etc.  Each piece is a personalized work of art, a one-of-a-kind view into the inner workings of my passion to lift people up and empower them with their own strength and beauty.

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