This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions and care instrutions. For more information about Kara or questions regarding her art, please visit our contact page and send us a message. 

How do I keep my feathers looking amazing?


To keep your headpiece looking great, make sure to keep them stored in a place that is free of moths. They love to eat feathers, and the damage they cause can be irreversible. 


If your feathers are bent out of shape after being stored, you can steam them to bring them back to life or hang them upside down for a few days to let them fall back into place. If they are dirty, you can dust them off with a feather duster or gently wipe the individual feathers clean with a washcloth and a little bit of water.

My faux fur is really dirty, is there a way to wash it?


To keep your hood looking great, I recommend dry-cleaning or hand washing your hood in cold water and air drying. In extreme cases you can use the washing machine on a delicate cycle, but remember...




Faux fur is made out of 100% Acrylic. If you put it in the dryer it will melt, and the damage is irreversible and not pretty.


What are the measurements for your full length hoodie's?


From the top/middle of the head to the end of the sleeve (when laid flat):

Small: 38 inches

Regular: 40 inches

Large: 43 inches


From the shoulder, to the end of the sleeve:

Small: 26 inches

Regular: 27 inches

Large: 28 Inches


Note: Measurements for my hoodie's are a close approximation. Different fabrics have differing stretch and thickness which may affect these numbers slightly.

How do the feather headpieces with clips stay on your head?


These headpieces are fitted with two combs that snap together to keep everything in place on top of your head. For best results, pull back all of your hair into a ponytail, then place the piece at your forehead and slowly slide it backward into your hair until it is in the desired position. When you have the piece where it feels comfortable, locate the back closure with your fingers and gently snap them together.


NOTE: If you force the ball closer to hard you could break the closure and it will need to be repaired, so remember to be gentle.  I recommend practicing gently snapping the clip together a few times before wearing and then in front of a mirror until you get the hang of it.

My headpiece has lights, how do they work?


The LED lighting is controlled by a receiver within the piece and a remote is included to change the color patterns.  The remote is radio frequency so there is no need to point the remote in the direction of the piece to change the settings.  Also, the remote is specific to the piece it comes with, so be careful not to lose it.  Losing the remote will mean having to send your piece back to have a new receiver added for an additional service charge. 

Do you take custom orders?


I prefer custom orders!  Feel free to visit our contact page so I can create something special for you.  :)

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